Habanero films

Based in Mexico City, Habanero Films provides production services to diverse clients from Mexico, United States, Latin America and Europe. The company has produced more than 500 shows for Mexican and international television, including award winning feature and documentary films. Since year 2000, Habanero Films has executed several video projects, especially for the advertising industry specializing in stylish and skillful storytelling.

Habanero Films has a special division that concentrates on projects designed for content branding creating a prominent mark in the field of marketing. Up till now videos produced at Habanero have obtained over half a million views online reaching a wide audience.

FThe highly skilled staff at Habanero Films works on several film and video projects including commercials, music videos, documentaries, short films and features for national and international markets. Habanero staff is 100% bilingual and multicultural.

Working over a number of years with both European and American crews, Habanero Films has built a strong reputation based on energy and creativity that the company brings to its projects. Habanero offers experience of shooting in great majority of the Hispanic world.

In the area of advertising, Habanero has worked on several successful campaigns for Mexico and both the Hispanic and conventional markets in the United States.